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How to Make Grass Pellets

There are a lot of clients asking about this question: can I make my lawn grass into pellets? Can I burn them for home heating? Grass is a kind of fine material for making pellets. Grass is easy to process, and the pellets are usually in good density and nice shape. Basically speaking, all the pellet mill, no matter it is small pellet mill, large scale ring-die pellet mill, wood pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill, can all process grass perfectly. Grass pellets have wide application and unique advantages. It has a great potential market. But until now, the price of grass pellets is not going down, thus, why not make grass pellets at home and turn your yard waste into wealth?
how to make grass pellets

Grass pellets application

Grass pellets are pellets that made of grass. Grass is the main food of herbivores, like cattle, horse, rabbit, sheep etc. So, the grass pellets can be used to feed livestock. Compared to grass, grass pellets are convenient for storage and transportation. They contains less dust and debris, are more easy to digest for the animals than common grass.

In fact, grass pellets can also used as fuel for heating if the moisture are accurately controlled. Grass pellets may produce more ash than wood pellets, and the calorie in grass pellets is not so much wood pellets, but the grass pellets are still a well-accepted method in Europe for a long time. In a word, the grass pellets are an excellent choice for both feed and fuel.

How to make grass pellets

To make grass pellets, we should have a grass pellet machine first. According to the customers' need, there are small pellet mills and large-scale ring-die pellet mill for you to choose. Small pellet mills is suitable for household and small business. The large scale pellet mill is mainly used for making commercial pellets.

Before process the grass by the pellet mill, we should crush the raw materials firstly. In this process, you may need a hammer mill. The we should screen the dust and hard objects out in case that the impurities harm the pellet mill machine. And the moisture should be adjusted, usually, the grass material should be of 13-16% moist. Then we can start to pelletizing the grass pellets. If there is any accident occurred, please check our pellet mill problems troubleshooting series and find solutions. After pelletizing, you may need to cool the pellets down. If you make pellets for home, just put the pellets in some cool ventilated place, but if you make pellets for business, you may need a counterflow cooler. Finally, you can pack the pellets by a pellet packing machine, or just leave them still.

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