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Small pellet mills and plants

Shopping for pellet mill needs a lot of thinking, but it will be much easier with GEMCO’s help! Whether you are looking for a small scale pellet mill for home or intending to start your own pellet business, at GEMCO you can find the right plants that fit your demands. We offer a wide range of biomass pellet mills to meet your raw materials, engine selection, space, and most importantly, budget. Our range of quality pellet making machines with affordable prices includes small pellet mills, small pellet plants, complete pellet line and other equipment you may need in the pellets making process.

For the different raw materials, we have Die-Turned and Roller-Turned pellet mills. The Die-Turned pellet mills can smoothly process sawdust, grass, rice husks, peanut shell, alfalfa etc. The Roller-Turned machines are competent to process hardwood and other wood pellets. For the different engine selection, every kind of pellet mills we offer, have Motor-driven Type, Diesel Engine-driven Type, Gasoline Engine-driven Type, and PTO Type. For the different scales of production, we offer you 50-100kg/h mini pellet mill like Sawdust Die-Turned Pellet Mill Motor-driven Type (Model B) to large pellet mill like 500-700kg/h MPL 300 Biomass Mobile Pellet Plant. Pick up one of a set of plants at price you’ll satisfied with and start to make your own pellets.

If you already have your pellet mill but still want to make the whole pellets produce process more labor-free. We offer a range of other associated equipment including hammer mill, wood chipper, drum dryer, counterflow cooler and pellet packing machine that will send the finished product right to your hand.

What’s more, no matter you purchase a pellet mill or not, we are happy to offer help about any questions or problems about pellets making. If you are experiencing issues of pellet machines, contact us, our online consultation will give you a proper solution or suggestion ASAP. Shop our products and enjoy free shipping today!

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