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wood chipper

Drum chipper is a special equipment for wood chip production,it is widely used in the wood based particleboard, fiberboard, paper&pulp industries and wood chip production bases for stock preparation. Small-scale drum chipper is also ideal for material preparation in laboratory. With this machine,small diameter tree,log and woodworking residues (slab, lath,wood core and waste veneer), even non-wood fiber stems(jute,reed,bamboo) can all be cut into uniform chips (the size and thickness of the chips will be adjusted according to client’s demands or material conditions).

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Model and specification GCBX216 GCBX218 GCBX2113
Knife rotor diameter 650mm 800mm 1300
Capacity 10 m³/h 15m³/h 108m³/h
Max size of feeding wood log 120-160 160-200mm 230-250mm
Feed opening (H×W) 180×500mm 225×680mm 400×1050mm
Qty of rotor knives 2/3pcs 2/3pcs 2/3pcs
Feeding Speed 37m/min 37m/min 43m/min
Main Motor 55Kw 110Kw 315Kw
Feed roller motor 3×2kw 3×2kw 11×2kw
Chip length (theoretically) 22-30mm 22-30mm 30mm
Weight (kg) 4070kg 7000kg 15000kg
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How do I work?

Drum chipper adopts the equipment of a large steel drum which is mounted parallel to the hopper and rotated to the output chute. It also works as a feed machine, draws the materials through as the chipper chips them.
And with Auto-Feed Plus, the reversible feed system allows the new drum chippers to process larger diameter materials.
The wood chipper features small size, small footprint, low investment, high return, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to use, maintenance and other advantages.

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What can I do for you?

Wood chipper can process pine, poplar, fir, bamboo, miscellaneous wood and other raw materials. We ensure the wood chips are of good quality. The machine is compact and has a small footprint.  It is low power consumption, suitable for mobile operation, and can be widely used in small and medium particleboard and fiberboard production enterprise preparation section, also can be used for commodity wood chip production in privately or individually-owned business. In the production of wood pellets, the wood chipping machine is also an indispensable pretreatment equipment. Wood chipper can help you in your pellets making process to get twofold results with half the effort.

GEMCO has a complete range of wood chipper, clients can choose different types of chipper according to the yield.  If you want to know more about chipper price and other specific questions, contact us. And if you need chipper adapted to a pellet mill, or need a chipper with a complete set of pellet plant, please leave a message, our business manager will reply you as soon as possible.

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