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motor-driven type hammer mill
diesel-driven type hammer mill
inner structure of hammer mill
inner structure of hammer mill

hammer mill

Hammer mill TFS is suitable for biomass industry to crush such materials as straw, corn stalk, peanut shell, wood and tree branches and twigs, etc.

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What can hammer mill do for you?

The hammer mill can crush various raw materials (after coarse grinding), which is an indispensable equipment in pretreatment section in pellet plant. GEMCO’s hammer mill can be purchased individually, while we can help you assemble it in the whole package of the pellet plant. All of our equipments are made according to international standard, they are quality, efficient and can match with many kinds of pellet mills. Need more information, please send us a message, we’ll answer back as soon as we get it.

Hammer mill we offer

Electric Motor-driven Type

electric motor driven type structure

Fig 2 FSC300-200 hammer mill machine diagrammatic sketch:
1.Cyclone; 2.Upper body; 3.Protective shell; 4.Rotor; 5.Blade; 6.Sevier; 7.Lowwer body; 8.Foundation frame.

Type Power (KW) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
TFS158 Single Phase 1.5 60-120 75/95 620x490x620
TFS198 Single Phase /3Phase 120-150 120/135 1000x750x120
TFS420 Three phase 7.5 250-500 250/270 1200x1000x1220
TFS420 Three phase 11 250-700 300/320 1200x1000x1220
TFS500 Three phase 22 800-1000 710/755 2000x900x1700
TFS500 Three phase 30 800-1300 785/830 2000x900x1700

Diesel Engine-driven Type

diesel engine driven type structure

Fig 3 FSC420 hammer mill machine diagrammatic sketch:
1.Lower body; 2.Sevier; 3.rotor; 4.Air fan; 5.Upper body; 6.Feeding port; 7.Discharging outlet; 8.Cyclone.

Type Power (KW) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
TFS420 15 250-500 370/390 1650x800x1120
TFS420 22 250-700 390/410 1650x800x1120
TFS500 55 800-1100 Cyclone: 125/145
Hammer Mill:310/330
Diesel Engine:560/590

How does hammer mill work?

Material after conveying into the crushing chamber will be pulverized by the swiftly rotating hammer plates. Then the smashed pieces will be tossed out of the machine by centrifugal force from the rotor and suction force from the fan. Pellets failing to pass through the sieve meshes will be re-pulverized as the same way above.

How to operate a hammer mill?

  • Before stearting the hammer mill, adjust and maintain the hammer mill machine according to the following manual regulations. At the same time check the tightness of fastening parts and make sure each part is lubricated sufficiently. After securing the safety of hammer mill machine and operator, the machine can be started. Idle the hammer machine for 2-3 minutes on hearing no abnormal sounds, and then feed the raw material. Make sure that the working condition is normal before feeding.
  • Feed the material in in a slow and steady way. Overload feeding is forbidden. Feeding rate can be controlled by adjusting the plate. During material blocking at the entrance keep hands away from the feeding port. Hard wood stick force feeding is forbidden.
  • Full storage bag, pool or bin should be discharged in time to avoid air reverse affecting normal working.
  • Fit the sieve mesh with the machine lower body tight to avoid material leakage to affect the crushing quality.
  • Stop and then inspect the machine if there is any abnormal noise during operation. It is forbidden to inspect hammer machine on running.
  • Keep frequent inspection on hammer blades worn degree and cotter pin condition, and replace the worn parts in time on cutting off the power source. Opening the upper body during running is forbidden.
  • After inspection, close the upper body and make sure the upper body be aligned with lower body. Tighten the fixed hand wheel and move the main shaft to make sure the main shaft move flexibly with no bumping, scratching or clashing sound inside the machine.
  • After each shift, idle the machine for 5-10 minutes to suck the material clean and stop the machine. Add lubricating grease to main shaft bearings.
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