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Biomass Fuel, Pellets Or Briquettes

Recently, some customers called us, saying that the local policy is better, want to engage in biomass fuel production, rich in raw materials, sales are not worry. But they hesitated to choose whether biomass pellets or briquettes fuels. Next, we will give you an analysis of the difference between them.

pellets and briquettes

Biomass pellets fuel and biomass briquettes fuel both belong to biomass briquetting fuel, which is a new type of fuel produced by pellet mill or pellet briquetting machine and can be used as a substitute for coal. The density of biomass pellets is similar to that of biomass briquettes, and there are two main differences:

  • The first difference is volume.
    Their biggest difference is volume, briquettes biomass fuel is bigger, and pellets is relatively small. The diameter of briquettes biomass fuel is generally between 1.5-11cm and biomass pellets biomass fuel is between 0.6-1.5cm.
  • The second difference is "raw material".
    They can all use crop stalks, branches, bark, fruit shells and so on as raw materials. Their size also affects their requirements for raw materials. The size of briquettes biomass fuel is 3-5cm, and the moisture control requirement is 15-30%. The size requirement of pellets fuel for raw materials is less than 0.5cm, and moisture requirement is controlled at 12-18%.

It is not hard to see that biomass pellets fuel is relatively better to use. Biomass pellets fuel is small in size and easier to store and transport. According to the material size and moisture requirement of biomass pellets fuel, the fuel density, calorific value and combustion time of pellet press are higher. Briquettes fuel and biomass pellets fuel can be burned in combustion furnaces, but because of volume, briquettes fuels can only be used in large and medium boilers, while biomass pellets fuels can also be used in fireplaces and cooking.

pellets machine and briquettes machine

However, the price of biomass pellets fuel is higher than that of biomass briquettes fuel. Prices vary from place to place, basically the pellets are more expensive than briquettes by 100-200 yuan/ton. The calorific value of biomass pellet fuel is about 4200 kcal/kg, and that of biomass briquettes fuel is 3800 kcal/kg. For boiler combustion, one ton of steam requires about 180kg biomass pellets and 200kg biomass briquettes. So you can calculate which biomass fuels are cheaper to use based on specific prices.

At present, the production of biomass pellets fuel in China is much larger than that of briquettes. This shows that the biomass pellets is more practical. But with the development of burning resistance, technology of biomass fuel and the consolidation of coal-fired boiler. It is believed that both biomass pellets and pellets can play their own role and be used more widely.

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