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Pellet packing machine can be divided into large packaging and small packing. Small pellet packing machine is suitable for filling and quantitative packaging the pellets with good fluidity such as biomass pellets, fertilizer pellets and feed pellets. This packaging machine fits pellets production line, which can greatly save labor cost and improve the automation of the pellet plants. Pellet packing machine is mainly composed of automatic weighing device, conveying device, suture device and computer control. It possesses the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, smooth operation, convenient operation, accurate weighing, energy saving and power saving.

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100-200 bags per hour pellet packing machine
100-200 Bags per Hour Pellet Packing Machine
Precision +/-0.2%
Packing speed 100~200bags per hour
Weighing scale 10kg-50kg per bag
Power Supply 220Va.c and 4N-380Va.c
Power Dissipation 1.5kW
Compressed Air 0.4MPa0.6MPa
Compressed Air Consume 0.5m3 per hour
5-20 bags per hour pellet packing machine
5-20 Bags per Hour Pellet Packing Machine
Precision of weighting 0.2 Grade
Packing speed 5-20bags per hour
Weighing scale 1000-1500kg
Tolerance +/-0.2%
Compressed Air 0.6Mpa
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How do I work?

This machine is dedicated for granular /Pellet quantitative packing application field. It uses a free dropping feed system, fast and precise valves make the material feeding process frequent and stable. Material directly goes into the bag, no jam, no sticking. Meantime, the easy-operation, easy-assembling, easy-maintenance and excellent stability are integrated into this machine.

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What can I do for you?

Pellet packing machine can be used for packaging various pellet materials. It has the characteristic of high efficiency, low energy consumption, small space occupying, high utilization rate. The machine can help you reduce the cost of work greatly.

Pellet Packing Machine can make your pellet plants more of a complete line. So hesitate no more, leave us a message and get more information!

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