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What is the profit of waste wood for biofuel pellets?

32ton wood pellet plant in vietnam

As a manufacturer of biological granule machines , many customers with investment intention and new users who have just purchased the pellet mill will call on some questions. One of them is often asked, that is, what is good about biomass fuel pellets processing?

  • As a substitute for traditional mineral fuels, biomass fuel pellet is a new type of environmental friendly biomass fuel. As a kind of environment-friendly fuel, biomass pellets are generally used as solid wastes such as straw, peanut stalk, wheat straw, rice husk, rice bran, wheat bran, sawdust, branches, bark, leaves and so on.
  • Different fuels produce different calorific values. For example, the calorific value of sawdust pellets is 4300-4800 calories, and that of corn straw pellets is 3500-3800 calories. Biomass pellets after compression or more resistant to burning. Whether the fuel smokes depends on the manufacturing process of the combustion equipment. Combustion equipment manufacturing process is reasonable, combustion is sufficient, basically will not smoke, on the contrary will smoke. Straw cut a section of 1cm long pellets to produce pellet fuel, density up to 1.1, no special formula.
  • Since biomass bunkers are environmentally friendly fuels, they cannot produce environmentally harmful gases after burning. No chemical materials such as adhesives shall be added during processing.
  • Biomass pellets should have high density, high calorific value and high calorific value, which should be about 3900 to 4800 kcal, and the calorific value should reach 7000 to 8000 kcal after carbonization.
  • The production of biomass pellet fuel is clean and sanitary, which reduces the feeding difficulty of the staff, and brings convenience to the user, and saves the cost at the same time.
  • The company's staff will continue to work, as always to provide users with more appropriate quality and cheap equipment. Biomass pellet machine solves the environmental pollution problem of traditional incineration of agricultural and forestry wastes, realizes the recycling of waste, and plays a great role in improving the environment.

GEMCO machinery has been engaged in the R&D and production of environmental protection equipment since the establishment of the factory. The company's staff will continue to work, as always to provide users with more appropriate quality and cheap equipment.

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