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The Truth About Small Pellet Mill in 3 Minutes

What kind of small pellet mill are we talking about?

small pellet-mills for making pellets

In this article, we are talking about small wood pellet mill, or some may call it sawdust pellet mill. Small wood pellet mill is a kind of special mechanical equipment which can make biomass materials into high density and high quality pellets.

Biomass raw materials contain cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Because of the relatively loose structure , the materials’ density is low. So when they are subjected to external forces, the raw material will experience the process of rearrangement, mechanical deformation, plastic deformation, etc. The Inelastic and viscoelastic cellulose molecules intertwined with each other, reducing the volume of raw materials, increasing the density and at last becoming pellets.

Small wood pellet mill can process a wide range of raw materials including plants, animals and microorganisms, such as straw, wood chip, wood bark, agricultural waste, livestock waste and other waste materials.

Wood pellets, or biomass pellets, are ideal alternatives to coal and oil. As a new fuel, the pellets can save energy and reduce emissions, and it has good economic and social benefits. Pellet is a  efficient and clean renewable energy.

Wood pellet mill is different from fodder pellet mill

roller turned electric pellet millA decade ago, many livestock fodder manufacturers make fodder into pellets. On one hand, fodder pellets are easy to store, on the other hand, eating pellets is good for animals’ digestion and absorption. Therefore, the fodder pellet mills became very popular and the supplies even fell short of the need.

In recent years, as people have advocated low-carbon environmental protection, more and more places have started to abandon traditional fuels and use wood chips or straw pellets as new energy sources. Then wood pellet mills suddenly became the best seller. In that case, some fodder pellet mill maker broke the bottom line and sold fodder peller machine to clients to make wood pellets. However, the proportion of wood pellets is much lighter than feed pellets, and wood pellets are harder to press, plus the high market demands, traditional feed pellet machine wore out very quickly.

Here, I have to remind you that when you buy a pellet machine, it is important to distinguish the wood pellet mill from pellet machines. Don’t spend your money in vain!

We offer professional small wood pellet mill!

If you intend to purchase wood pellet mill, I recommend you our company, GEMCO, as your supplier. Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd is the earliest enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing biomass processing equipment (including biomass pellet mills and plants) and renewable energy machines. Our small pellet mills and plants are sold to domestic and foreign market and well received by customers.

Our ZLSP Pellet Mill is professionally developed to process biomass materials including hardwood and softwood. It features simple structure, steady performance, low operation cost and convenient maintenance. Our company also provides high quality customer service to keep clients free from any problems about pellet machines.

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