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How to Make Bamboo Pellets

Bamboo is a kind of plant that fit to be biomass raw materials naturally. Bamboo has a wide natural distribution and grows very fast. From  46°N to 47°S, from sea level to altitude of 4300 meters, there are different kinds of bamboo growing. Bamboo forest is widely distributed in Asia, America, and Africa. Bamboo is a very useful plant, it can be used as construction material, household utensils, musical instrument, and the bamboo shoots can be eaten as a kind of healthy food.

What is bamboo pellets

Bamboo pellets are pellets that made of bamboo stalks, leaves and powders or other bamboo products. Usually, the bamboo or bamboo products should be crushed into powders first, the we adjust the moisture of bamboo pellets, and put the powder into the bamboo pellet mill or we can call it wood pellet mill, small wood pellet mill, wood pellet machine etc.

bamboo and bamboo pellets

Bamboo pellets are especially suitable for heating. They feature high BTU, low ash content and cost-effective. Now, there are many industry use bamboo pellets for generating power because the material is cheap and easy to get. The density of bamboo pellets are usually higher than 1.22kg/m3, diameter around 6-8mm, length between 6-12mm. The calorie of per kg bamboo is between 4500-4800kcal, and ash content is usually between 0.9-1.1%. The moisture should be kept in 8.7-9.6%, if the bamboo is used to make pellets.  

What kind of machine you need to pelletizing bamboo

Generally speaking, there are some essential pellet equipment you may need in a pellet production line. They are hammer mill, dryer, bamboo pellet mill, counterflow cooler, pellet packing machine.

gemco bamboo pellet mill

Bamboo pellet mill is the core of the bamboo pellet production line. Good pellet mill can make the whole process more effective. GEMCO offers large-scale ring-die pellet mill and small flat-die pellet mill. If you are making bamboo pellets at home, I recommend small bamboo pellet mill, it can help you with the bamboo biomass material which troubles you. And for pellets business and industry, the bamboo ring-die pellet mill are more suitable. GEMCO can design and customize pellets production line in different capacity and for different materials. Like our 6ton/h wood pellet line in Vietnam, small pellet plant line Srbija, and 3TPH wood pellet manufacturing system in Malaysia.

How to make bamboo pellets

  • Crushing. Screen the bamboo stalks and leaves from the impurities and hard objects, put the pure raw materials into the hammer mill and crush them into bamboo powder.
  • Drying. The airflow dryer or the drum dryer can help you to adjust the moisture content of the bamboo powder.
  • Pelletizing. A small roller-turned small pellet mill is enough while the ring-die pellet mill can process pellets in larger quantity.
  • Cooling. The counterflow cooler can cool the bamboo pellets efficiently. The pellets should be cooled after pelletizing. Or the high temperature pellets can't keep in shape.
  • Packing. After the whole process, you can pack the pellets by a pellet packing machine.

If you need to invest a bamboo pellet business or process your own bamboo biomass raw materials, please leave us messages for details and quotation.

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